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How does Strise Grow work
How does Strise Grow work
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Strise Grow is a prospecting tool designed to display prospects based on filters set by the user. At any given time, you will receive 10 suggestions from Strise based on how you have restricted your search.

In this article, we will go through how to narrow down your search and how the filters work together.

Assignments and Tags

If you add yourself or others to assignments, Strise will suggest companies similar to others that have been assigned to you in the portfolio. The same applies to tags.

If you choose not to filter on assignments, Strise will suggest companies based on all the companies in the portfolio.

Area Restrictions

If you only want suggestions from a specific place, you can decide this here. You can search for municipalities, select counties from the list, or manually restrict the area on the map.

Please note that all filters you add will be active here. So if you choose Vestland and Bergen, you will receive suggestions from all over Vestland and Bergen that match your other filters.

Financial favorites and restraints

Here, you decide if you want to filter based on financial figures. You can select up to 6 financial figures to filter on.

Please note that these become one filter. So if you set a filter for operating income over 1 million and operating result under 150,000, you will receive suggestions that have operating income of 1 million AND operating results under 150,000.

Other Filters and Restrictions

There are also other limitations you can set in Strise Grow.

These are:

  • NACE codes (Industry)

  • Employees restraint

  • Inception

  • Required company information (Phone and Email)

  • Accountant

  • Collateral creditor

  • Legal form

  • Flags (Example: New CEO)

If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to contact us in the chat or at [email protected].

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