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How do I get rid of events that aren't relevant?
How do I get rid of events that aren't relevant?
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There could be several reasons for why you are getting events that isn't relevant on your Monitor page.

1: Is the list based on the companies you want to look at?
Click on Filter and check the following:
Status: Is an unwanted status checked?
Assignee: Are any other colleagues checked?
Tags: Are any unwanted tags checked?

2: Do you know what events you want to highlight?
Click on filter and check the following:
Time: Choose in what time window you want events from. We go back maximum 3 years.
Types: Choose what types of events you want. For example announcements, or all except media.
Topic Choose between 25+ topics like coronavirus, or FATF Blacklist.

3: What types of news will be important going forward?
With out relevance function, you'll be able to generate more relevant events over time. The more you click that something is relevant or not relevant, the more relevant your events will be.

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