How to connect Strise with HubSpot
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It’s only people with Manager status that can connect Strise to HubSpot. If you need this function, ask a manager in your team to change your status to manager.

Go to SettingsTeam Info → Connect to HubSpot integration → Log in with HubSpot user and follow the instructions.

Click the dropdown menu → choose Company ID → Confirm (Company ID is the only thing you can connect with)

Next step is to Select a tag field. Choose the field where you store your tags. If you don't have any tags in HubSpot, you can skip this step.

Wait for your portfolio to upload, and then click Import to Strise.

Export your companies from Strise to HubSpot.

After this step, you are done! HubSpot is now connected to Strise!

HubSpot to Strise:

In the HubSpot menu, click Contacts → Companies → Create company → Write company name and any other info you want (Company ID will be filled in later)

Add Company ID

At the bottom of the company page click View all properties → Scroll down and choose Company ID (org nummer).

When HubSpot and Strise is connected, any company you add in HubSpot will automatically be added directly into Strise!

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