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How to change the status of a company
How to change the status of a company
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In this article we'll take a look at how you can easily add and change the status of a company.

When you search for a company in Strise, or find an interesting company in Opportunities, you have the opportunity to change the status of that company and add it to your portfolio.

You have multiple options when selecting a status for a company in Strise.
They are:
In Qualification

To add a new company to your portfolio click:
1: Add to portfolio
2: Select what status you want (You can always change the status when you want)

For companies already in your portfolio, simply just click on the current status to change it.

No matter which status you choose, the company will be added to your portfolio where you can easily see what is going on. You can also filter your portfolio based on status to see which company is in the different stages with you.

When you have added a company to your portfolio, it will also show up on the Monitor and Review page where you can follow events and create reports on the company.

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