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Product Update Q3 2022
Product Update Q3 2022
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1: More Swedish data!

We now show company collaterals for Swedish companies.

2: New ESG integrations: (SO 14001, ISO 45001 and EMAS) You will find these in events on companies that are certified.

3: "Added by" at bottom of review card

Now you will be able to see which team member added the company to review! You can find it at the bottom of the review card.

4: Team review settings

Now available to view for the whole team. Editable for team managers. This means you can now choose which points you want in your review checklist. Can be found in settings under "Team Features".

5: New Flags

Companies will now get a flag if they are on Innsamlingskontrollens OBS-liste.

Historical Ownership

We have added more historical ownership data in Norway, going back to '03.

Inline comments in Review and PDF.

It's finally here! You can now comment on specific parts in the review. Do you think the management looks risky or incomplete? Write down a comment on the section and it will be added to the PDF. There will be separate from the comment section at the bottom.

Company Branches.

We have added branches to the sidepanel. Now you can see all active and past branches that is on the company.

For Denmark you'll also get a flag signaling if there is more than two active branches.

More data on Owner for sole proprietorship

Now you'll also be able to see what other roles the owner of the sole proprietorship has in other companies, as well as other industries they're involved in.

Customizable PDF

If you don't need to check all the sections in the PDF you can now choose which ones you want to remove. This can be found in settings under team features.

Remove from review button

Did you add a company to review by accident? No problem, just click the remove from review button and the company will get it's old status back.


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