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Review Triggers
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Review triggers allow for proactive reviews based on material changes to a company.

Review triggers alert you to real-time changes in your portfolio, adding companies back to Review according to your rules.

Getting started with triggers

Managers can head to "Team features" in Strise to set up their team's triggers. Triggers will add a company to review when the given conditions are fulfilled.

Example of a trigger without additional filters.

Make it specific with filters

Some triggers offer extra filtering, as noted by a "+" button next to the trigger. Filters makes your triggers more targeted. For example, you could set the "new flag" trigger to only alert you for specific flags you find risky.

Example of a trigger with additional filters.

Fine-tune triggers with operators

Some triggers come with operators like "equal to," "greater than," etc. Think of these as additional fine-tuning. Set your thresholds and let the trigger do its thing!

Fine-tune triggers with conditions

Every trigger can have extra conditions. Adding a condition tightens the trigger's focus but all conditions must be met for activation. You can tweak conditions just like you do with other triggers.

This example ruleset will trigger a new KYC check on high-risk customers, but only after 4 months.

📍 Pro Tip: You can rearrange the order of conditions for easier reading. This does not change change their requirements.

When do triggers kick in?

If you've got more than one condition in a single trigger, all those conditions need to be met for the trigger to activate. That's what we call an "AND" scenario.

On the flip side, when you've got multiple triggers, just one of them has to meet its conditions to kick off a new Review! We call this an "OR" scenario.

Stay in the loop with notifications

You'll get a heads-up in Strise when a company is flagged for Review. The notification will tell you which trigger add what company back to Review.

Example of a triggered review notification.

What happens In Review?

The company’s status will change to “in qualification”, but the assignee will remain the same.

The company will be at the top of Review, but the Review card will be collapsed - signalling you've seen it before! A "Added by a review trigger" tag clues you in on why it's there.

Example of companies added to review by a trigger in its collapsed state

What triggers can i use?

Basic triggers



Change in credit data


Change in sanction status

Applies to both company sanctions & role/owner sanctions

Change in PEP status

Applies to role/owner PEP status

Available operators





Time since last review

Greater than or equal to

X months ago


Risk value

  • Greater than

  • Greater than or equal to

  • Less than,

  • Less than or equal to,

  • Equal to

  • Not equal to

None, Low, Medium, High

Cannot trigger a review without a condition

New financials

  • Greater than

  • Greater than or equal to

  • Less than

  • Less than or equal to

  • Equal to

Currency value


Available filters



New flag

Any flag

New financials

Any financial category

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